A team of up to 50 strong carrying an extensive spectrum of experience at institutional level in insurance, fund management, property finance, advisory, valuation, legal and investment banking.

Selected officers:

Nicholas R Lisle

Managing Director

Accomplished finance professional of 31 years standing having previously been a qualified corporate financial adviser of 10 years, before founding Broughton 20 years ago. He sits on the board of 2 holding companies with property assets as well as a devco with interests in Africa and Brazil. Widely experienced in international development finance.

Gerald Carter

Project Assessment

With decades of experience in working on project finance assessments in London Gerald brings a wealth of knowledge in this space.

Raymond Parent

Executive Officer Structured Finance

Very experienced talented bilingual corporate finance officer with wide experience gained over 37 years in international markets. Previously held roles with RBC as Managing Partner International Sales, and Royal Trust International amongst others.

Brett Jeffries-Shaw

Project & Finance Officer

Proficient investment banker of 28 years international experience. Previous roles with JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro, Bear Stearns as Managing Director & Deputy Head Private Placements, RBC Capital Markets as Managing Director & Co-Head of Structured Bond Solutions and Oppenheimer Investments.

We and our advisors collectively bring over 175 years of expertise internationally in:

  • project financing
  • development finance
  • equity finance
  • capital markets
  • energy
  • construction

Our team have previously held significant roles with JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro, Bear Stearns and RBC Capital Markets.