Broughton was founded 20 years ago and has since emerged into Broughton Capital Group. The Group, its team, partners and closest advisers have played important financing or advisory roles in project finance in public and private ventures globally, including:

Debt syndication of close to US$2BN for Thailand infrastructure

US$500M credit facility for a BOT highway in Eastern Europe

Salipazari Port/Mixed Use Development Bosporus, Istanbul US$750M

Villamar Residential Development, Manama, Bahrain US$50M

Dubai Pearl Mixed Use Development Dubai US$4BN

Ajman Marina Mixed Use Development Ajman Marina, UAE US$2BN

Philippines infrastructure US$450M

Caribbean resort US$275M

Our main business focus is still in project finance and as such BCG has its own finance facility as lender, which is geared towards development projects in the private as well as public sector. This is designed to provide a single solution in financing projects that would traditionally need multiple ones. This structure allows funding to high levels of gearing for the right candidate projects internationally. We will also consider financing the purchase of existing income producing properties which have quality covenants. We have a flexible rather than rigid approach in creating solutions and assess each project on its specific merits.

Therefore we seek enquiries from sponsors and brokers with projects requiring finance for land acquisition and or construction. Our primary focus is in the housing, hotel, retail, mixed use and energy sectors for developments seeking loan finance. Either private or PPP (public private partnership) or sovereign only can be considered. Our terms are considered highly attractive and large amounts can be accommodated. Please enquire for more information.

Current Projects

Transpod, US$550,000,000 finance terms agreed for a Ultra-High-Speed Tube Transportation project in Alberta, Canada