Broughton was founded 15 years ago and has expanded into a number of companies. Our past core business was focused on project finance for state sponsored projects. This came about because of our links with a Far East fund and their close links to EPC contractors for which we worked on a number of major projects together.

Our main business focus is still in project finance and as such Broughton has now formed a new finance facility as funder, which is geared towards development projects in the private sector. This is designed to provide a single solution in financing projects that would traditionally need multiple ones. This structure allows funding to high levels of gearing for the right candidate projects in both the UK and overseas. It can also be used to finance the purchase of existing income producing properties which have quality covenants. We have a flexible rather than rigid approach in creating solutions and assess each project on its specific merits.

Therefore we seek development projects requiring finance for land acquisition and or construction. Our primary focus is in the housing, hotel, retail, mixed use and energy sectors for developments seeking loan finance. We have a flexible rather than restrictive approach with applications assessed on overall merit. Either private or PPP (public private partnership) or sovereign only can be considered. Our terms are highly competitive and amounts up to multi-billion can be accommodated. Please send us your enquiry.