W2E – Waste to Energy & Coal Reactors

Electricity Generation from Waste Disposal & Clean Coal Energy

We are closely associated with a German technology company with state of the art technology for waste to energy stations and clean coal energy.

With W2E large quantities of municipal solid waste (household, office and industrial) can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly process to generate grid connected electricity. Thus not only making electricity but alleviating landfill.

Also new coal gasifier reactor technology is now available, which can convert existing coal fired stations to significantly improve efficiency at a lower cost than new build and with near zero emissions and producing saleable flammable gas as LSG. This is clean, low cost, high energy solution for new power stations or replacing burners in existing power stations with vastly improved efficiency.

With our finance expertise we can offer a financed solution alongside this compelling technology and can consider turnkey and BOT models.